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The first opportunity to see the ISS comes Friday night at 10:21.

With the kind of year it been with severe weather, I hope the kids took home some good ideas of how to stay safe from the severe storms we seen plenty of this year.

The newest advisory from the National Hurricane Center takes this into account and Bertha is now a category 2 storm with sustained winds to 104 mph and gusts over 125 mph.

It still pretty unbelievable to me that we have only hit 90 degrees twice this season in Sioux City. Once in June, and once in July (92 has been our warmest). The reason is a lack of strong upper level ridges this spring and summer. These upper level ridges favor a sinking motion in the atmosphere that often is not favorable for the development of powerful low pressure systems, and usually keeps our weather dry, sunny, and very hot. This next ridge our computer models are forecasting does not look nearly as impressive as some in years past when we saw temperatures well into the upper 90s and low 100s for several days in a row. Check out the model output for jetstream level today:

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Nike Windrunner Women Red

If you are wondering what to look for, with your naked eye, the ISS will just appear as a bright star with a short trail behind it moving across the sky.

I grabbed a couple of archived images of radar around, then after midnight so you can see how intense these wind producing storms looked.

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Weather Safety at Jasper Health Camp

2008 July

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Now that the weather has quieted down across Siouxland, it gives us a chance to look at some of the major weather elsewhere in the world.

According to NASA, Sioux City will residents will be able to see the ISS a dozen times over the next several days. Our only concerns about viewing will be an abundance of clouds due to a slow moving weather system.

to see the International Space Station (ISS) fly high across Siouxland quite a few times.

These storms formed in very unstable air in Northeast Nebraska and Southern South Dakota. Nike Jacket Green

A return of some July heat Dave Winslow

Most of my talks to kids obviously take place during the school year. But one program Storm Team 4 has been a part of for a few years now is Jasper Health Camp held at St. Luke Regional Medical Center Nike Windrunner Women Red here in Sioux City. I had the chance today to talk to the kids at this camp about how to stay safe in severe weather situations. I also talked a little about how forecasts are made and what we do here at KTIV. Below you see me showing them a weather balloon.

One thing besides the high instability that caused the very strong straight line winds was a stout mid level jetstream that was actually ingested into these storms and caused a transfer of that momentum down the surface in the form of storm outflow (rain cooled air). This strong upper level jet is often something we see in the spring months and early summer than late July.

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Now if we can only get the clouds to hold off for a while!!

July is a month where we don see many changes in our average lows and highs from the beginning of the month to the end.

Hurricane Bertha by Mike Zwier

Nike Windrunner Women Red

The first hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic season started off the day as a category 3 hurricane, but over the past several hours the eye of the storm has almost disappeared and the storm is beginning to weaken.

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Okay, my last blog I looked back on what actually occurred in June. Now let take a look at what lies ahead for July, at least as far as the average goes.

As you can see, on July 1 we average 85 degrees and July 31 we average 86 degrees. July 16 22 is our warmest stretch on average when we average 87 degrees for a high. Lows don change much either rising from 62 to 63 degrees through the month.

have been bearable. That about to change as temperatures in the 90s are expected to dominate the area in the coming days. Look at Wednesday highs and all the warm temperatures already building in the nation.

Thinking about humans flying miles and miles above the surface of the Earth in a orbiting space station is quite impressive. This weekend, if the clouds break up enough, we will get the opportunity Nike Jackets No Hood

And while we only seen three days of 90 degree or warmer temperatures here in Sioux City this year, we too will get in on more of those 90s. It all because of a ridge of high pressure building in. A ridge occurs when the jet stream arcs to the north of us allowing the warmer air from down south to also move to the north.

It getting hot out there. So far it been humid here in Siouxland, but the temperatures Nike Hoodie Womens White

Nike Windrunner Women Red

Rainfall can be sporadic. We all experience those years where we had too much rain through the spring, only to be begging for a shower from those sunny skies in July. So while average rainfall is 3.30", only time will tell how green our grass will stay by using only Mother Nature water.

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Nike Windrunner Women Red

Nike Windrunner Women Red

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