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Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

guybrushT 19 days ago link

eli 19 days ago linkSpoom 19 days ago link

Ah yeah. The advertising isn you right. The wait is, though; visa allotments run out fast. Can remember the visa name right now, I do some googling though.

I also believe it is the visa issue. You the COO and they are just going to figure out the visa situation, eventually? A small company doesn have the money to get an E visa and as COO you probably wouldn qualify as H1B nor would you want to be when they start doing funding rounds.

should have came out and said exactly this. What to lose by being honest about a visa situation?

I a bit surprised no one has suggested what I consider the most likely possibility: They had no idea what getting you a visa actually entailed and bailed once you started and they discovered how hard it would be. I leaning that way because most people don understand how hard visas actually are, the way they were vague about their reasons and the timing. Even if they all hired someone else already, talking to people who wanted to hire you in Nike Tracksuits Junior

I agree. The second the OP mentioned that he would need a visa and that this was a new startup, I assumed they let him go because they were naive about US visas at the beginning. They are not an easy process; typically a work visa will require a lot of money in filing fees and several months of paperwork, often including a labor survey to ensure that the position could not be filled with an American instead.

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

vonklaus 19 days ago link

It would be weird to fire him for that reason without saying it. Maybe he can help, maybe he knows people who can, you never know, I don think a sane person would just give up without even discussing it with all parties.

Thats a good theory. I have considered it. The CEO and I did have a long conference call with a lawyer much Nike Coats Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

Mimu 19 days ago link

Right. I have to imagine the visa was a VERY important factor. I am not a huge fan of this thread because it is a bunch of speculation with less than 1 side of a multi faceted story. These guys are probably very early stage (hiring their first employee) and are figuring things out. The "just telecommute and we can sort out an international hiring visa" is pretty alarming. Maybe the company pivoted and his skill set wasn a good fit for the new direction, buy they likely found someone local, or just got bound by an insane amount of red tape. The ramifications for both parties lie in the initial agreement that we are not privvy to.

the recent past is a great way to kick off a job search.

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

before they offered me a position. So we were all informed about the steps procuring Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens a visa would entail. However, the steps involved are painful (lots of boring admin work). But still, a very plausible theory.

pyronite 19 days ago link

a bit surprised no one has suggested what I consider the most likely possibi

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

It not necessarily based on your title. When I went through the process, it boils down to: Do you have a degree, and experience? Great. Is someone willing to advertise the job to American citizens for a month or so, interview good potential candidates beforehand, and still want you? Even better. Now, just wait for next year allocation of visa and you might grab one on the day they released. Then, wait between 1 and 8 years for your visa to be processed (while the job is still available) and you allowed to work here. Are you an exceptional alien? Well, do you judge other work, have papers written, have competed in a globally recognised event for your work, or some other proof of your excellence? Yes? Great, we can apply, but there only a limited number of visas. Not many of us make it. I had a few job offers moving over here but was only able to move here because my wife was American. The real downside to H 1B is that it subject to annual caps, and therefore timing is inconvenient. The visas are valid starting October of that year, but must be applied for before the quota is exhausted. It definitely not ideal, but working in the US is not nearly as hard as you making it out to be.

This is an interesting and plausible reason for why they let him go, but if it was the case, they Nike Hoodie Gold

Nike Dri Fit Jacket Womens

I want to add a clarification note that visa issues are harder to bring someone to US for the first time. Once someone is here, doing transfers from company to company is relatively easier. I say this because I know some companies that will outright stop talking to otherwise great candidates because someone told them dont get into visa stuff. .

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