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Nike Windrunner Gray

We finishing up June a little on the cool side of things. It looks like our average temperature will end just about 1 degree below average. And get this, we only had one 90 degree day, that coming on June 25.

Nike Windrunner Gray

Wednesday morning I got the chance to visit with about 30 first through fourth graders who were taking part in Jasper Health Camp at Nike Sweatshirt Price

Nike Windrunner Gray

Jasper Health Camp by Mike Zwier

Nike Windrunner Gray

I have got to say, it is a great picture showing just how mean these storms can look.

With the airmass fairly worked over, I am a little skeptical about more storms forming later today. With that said, here is the SPC forecast.

2008 June

This line of storms started putting down tornadoes around 5:30 in the evening. The first tornado was reported just south of George, then 10 minutes later, one just west of Pierson. While those tornadoes were quite small and didn stay on the ground for long, it was a harbinger of things to come. This is where four teenagers lost their lives and nearly 50 people were injured. Here the map of the touch downs in that area south of Sioux City that evening.

June 11, 2008, is going to be a date that lives in my memory, and a lot of others, for a very long time. Thunderstorms started firing up late that afternoon along a cold front just east of Sioux City. This was just the beginning of an Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Destroyer

Nike Windrunner Gray

over th past month, that not the case for Sioux City. In fact, we finishing the month with 3.35". That about a quarter of an inch below average for June. And notice in the above graphic how no single day produced over 1 inch of rain.

The factors in include: recent climate trends, long range computer models, and a weakening La Nina. One major factor I can guarantee for why a lot of Iowa is forecast to be below average temperature wise is the flooding. Wet ground doesn heat up like dry ground does. The lack of heat could certainly be made up for by humidity which can get pretty awful in the summer around here. How confident am I in these forecasts? Well, take them with a grain of salt. Long range computer models don seem to do all that great, and predicting the weather a week out can still be a challenge. But it is fun to look at it and get a decent guess anyways.

We were tracking the storms here at News Channel 4 that night and were on the air live for almost 2 1/2 hours. This is the first time I found out live on the air of fatalities caused by a storm. It absolutely took my breath away. We get complaints all the time about us breaking into programming. I always respond that it a matter of keeping viewers safe. I think that why I was so sad to find out of the fatalities. People, kids at that, had not stayed safe and it hurt quite frankly. But with an EF3 hitting a scout area like that, I guess we can be thankful that it wasn even worse.

Nike Windrunner Gray

As if some parts of Siouxland haven seen enough rain over the past couple of weeks, more will be moving in. Our first chance could come as early as tonight with better chances of rain and thunderstorms as Wednesday goes along with heavy rain continuing into Wednesday night. The Storm Prediction Center has put a moderate risk of severe weather over us for Wednesday into Wednesday night.

The Moderate Risk you see in this map is the SPC outlook for today calling for the chance of more robust severe storms developing near an outflow boundary, basically a front that is created by cold exhaust or outflow from storms. If anything can develop near this boundary throughout the rest of the day, we could be seeing more severe storms again. I have taken the surface plot of area airports and drawn in the outflow boundary at about 10 AM.

The kids and I talked about severe weather safety, what its like to be a meteorologist and how to forecast the weather.

While the Internet is a great place to find information, sometime the information is not truthful. When I first saw this photo I immediately knew it was not a picture of the Scout Camp and figured someone made it with image editing software. After I thought about it for a while, I realized this is likely not even a picture of a tornado. It is a large supercell thunderstorm, with a wall cloud hanging very low to the ground. The tornado in this picture would be hidden behind the buildings. I also thought the lighting looked off, but thought that may be due to a lengthened exposure near sunset with lightning in the background.

For more information on Jasper Health Camp you can check out the St. Luke Kid Zone website.

Nike Windrunner Gray

The Sioux Gateway Airport hadn received a good downpour of significant rain since June 8, but that all changed this morning as over 3/4" fell as severe storms rushed through the area.

I designed a little forecast challenge for the kids to try, and with a little help they did a great job coming up with a forecast. I even told them I would use their forecast Wednesday evening. Their forecast was within two degrees of the morning low, and one degree of Thursday afternoon high.

While some Nike Windrunner Gray places have been inundated with rain Nike Dri Fit Jacket Mens Running

It seems many people around Siouxland have been receiving the same e mail for the past few days. It has a picture attached, and claims that it shows the tornado hitting the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in Monona County, Iowa on June 11.

And with strong to severe storms comes the heavy rain as well. Flash flood watches have already been issued for parts of the Midwest as rainfall rates could be on the order of 1 to 2 inches per hour under the heavier storms. Here the depiction of rainfall from Wednesday evening into Thursday from the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.

Thunderstorm Photo by Mike Zwier

Other areas were hit that night as well. Here the path of an EF2 tornado that hit just south of Spencer and stayed on the ground for 20 minutes.

Stay tuned to News Channel 4 and we keep you updated on all the latest weather changes that could take place with this latest storm system.

Nike Windrunner Gray

Nike Windrunner Gray

St. Luke Hospital in Sioux City.

Nike Windrunner Gray

So many touch downs, I can get them all in. But as I said before, it a night I never forget.

A Night to Remember (and want to forget)

Can you see the boundary? It now in Southern Nebraska but it may meander northward throughout the day leading to severe weather potential. Even if it doesn make it way northward and we stay somewhat cool, there may be some storms moving in from Western South Dakota tonight that could be severe. So many factors! We keep you updated.

And yet another EF2 tornado touched down in O county.

As it turns out the picture is not a fake, and was taken of a thunderstorm (not a tornado) as it moved through Orchard, IA on June 10. The picture was taken by Lori Mehman of Orchard, and first brought to the public by the Mitchell County Press News.

Nike Windrunner Gray

outbreak of storms and tornadoes the likes of which I hadn seen here in my 16 years of doing the weather and 38 years of living in Siouxland.

Nike Windrunner Gray

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