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Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

EdwardDiego 95 days ago link

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

coderzach 95 days ago link

No, of course not. We don yet live in a world where people don have to do those things, but that doesn change one whit the fact that some basic, minimum level of human dignity, and some of the kinds of work humans have to do are fundamentally incompatible.

I think the OP was talking more about woodworkers and other craftsmen than poop shovelers and toilet cleaners.

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

You spot on. Does that mean that we work 20% of Nike Women Coats

I bet there will be farms and domesticated animals soon, because after all "who wants to hunt and forage all day?". Go to any small tribe. Follow a hunting party. You will see someone who takes the utmost pride in their hunting skill, their ability to track animals, the sharpness of their spear, etc etc. It is an experience, to say the least. I believe there is value in that. If you want to do these things you absolutely can. People today hunt for sport, should we destroy all farms because hunting is "an honest day work"? No. If people in the future want to drive taxis for enjoyment, great. But that doesn mean that we should try to halt progress, so taxi drivers feel better about the objective usefulness of their work.

A commencement speech for the mediocre

sure I agree with you there. but I guess my point is that our threshold for being "beneath" us is presently way too high (at least in north america)

learc83 95 days ago link

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

>Somehow in North America we have convinced ourselves that some jobs are "beneath us" (and I not just talking about taxi driving here). It doesn mean that you shouldn try to take pride in your work, but when your company does their best to make you function like a robot, taking pride in your work is difficult. I wake up thinking the same thing but then I remember: "Oh yeah my job isn to make the best damn hamburger that every was. My job is to make the Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink exact same hamburger as every other employee at every other store in the country with no creative input whatsoever."The problem is that in many modern jobs the goal is for the employee to function like a robot. No creativity or autonomy allowed. These kind of jobs are inherently unfulfilling. Humans need creative outlets and autonomy to be happy.

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

Reading things like this makes me kind of sad, because I feel like it really shouldn be this way. If we get to the point where society can persist without everyone having a job, why make people work to survive?There an interesting article along these lines here: https: point here is that this would enable people to follow their dreams if they chose to, and not die of starvation in the process. Go to Japan. Get in a Japanese taxi. You will see someone who takes the utmost pride in their appearance, their interaction with the customer, the state of the car, the ride, etc etc. It is an experience, to say the least. I believe there is value in that. It puzzling to me and it doesn have to be that way.

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plg 95 days ago link

the time we did then? No it does not. Does that mean we work 4 hour days instead of 8 hour days now? Nike Tracksuits Girls

sciguy77 95 days ago link

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

To add to your (very good) point, a friend in Copenhagen told me about a German restaurant without waiters (possibly this one: http: Food is ordered on iPads and served through some sort of automated rail system.

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

95 days ago link

The owner anticipated starting a chain, but was surprised to find that business wasn doing as well as anticipated. Not without justifying the comparison. Now I have never taken a taxi in either city, so I can even compare the experience myself, but, what does it take to be a taxi driver in NYC vs Japan? What do the companies that hire said taxi drivers pay in comparison to purchasing power? What is the difference in the city layouts that the drivers are working in, not just the physical roads, but congestion, road work, etc?Let also consider that Japan has for all intents and purposes, no immigration, while the US has massive amounts of immigration. This lack of immigration, combined with normal customs surrounding Japanese culture, eg: work ethic, honor, etc, all contribute to the experience.

Nike Sportswear Windrunner Pink

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