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I haven seen the entirety of C++ feature set added to an HM system, but even OCaml has an OO system that fairly complete. Many new functional languages are adopting Daan Leijen extensible records approach which can model OO fairly well. The rest is just noise So, by that measure, most languages are on their way to becoming ML.

jordwalke 101 days ago link

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That actually a good question. I suppose that it would be possible in theory to try and reconcile the two, but I don see that happening. And I don know how much you can extend HM to support the full C++ featureset. I be surprised if it was possible.

mercurial 98 days ago link

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I really don see Java and friends evolving much beyond that.

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the bugs, and IMHO if you need a lint tool to fix your language you doing it wrong in the first place. Really hard to refactor code. In OCaml the compiler helps refactoring you just break something and hit k until you fixed all the places that need fixing. In Python you have to visually grep all the code, which doesn scale and is bug prone. I miss nested variable declarations. Poor support for data types. Python in theory has lots, but in practice everyone using dictionaries and objects, which are unsafe and introduce bugs by design. Slow. The fact that they are borrowing some features from functional languages is in no way an indication that they going to turn into an ML dialect. They will remain imperative languages, with all that entails (mutability, inheritance, etc) for the foreseeable future. Hell, even Scala isn an "ML dialect".

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I just add in the Cons: no ad hoc polymorphism. Some of this is because they eliminated the requirement that every let have an end. That does end up making other things more pleasing to read: let x = y in

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jordwalke 100 days ago link

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have been better to have been computing while waiting for a final dependency. I not sure if Haskell (a lazy language) has had this problem. You can opt into laziness in OCaml if you would like to. Mutability. I feel strange saying this, as such a huge proponent of immutability, but sometimes you just need to hack something in place, mutate some state and come back to clean it up later. (You can still use monads in OCaml). Tagged Variants (no need to predeclare variants, just pattern match on them and OCaml ensures that only properly matched values ever make their way into that expression). Industry use is growing. I use OCaml at Red Hat for a lot of virtualization tools. along error paths. helps here, but it doesn catch all Nike Coat Jacket

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A couple of people have asked why you might choose OCaml over other languages

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Honest question: Why would they not? There has been a ton of research published on extending HM type inference to support structural subtyping, row polymorphism, extensible records which very closely model many (but not all) of the concepts in Object Oriented systems.

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A couple of people have asked why you might choose OCaml over other languages. I not done as much OCaml work as others on this thread (I work primarily on ReactJS (Facebook functional UI framework), but I can offer a different perspective as someone who is outside of the OCaml community, but asking the same questions. Who doesn Nike Long Sleeve Womens Top like options. All the benchmarks I can find show that OCaml is very fast (around as fast as C++). Excellent JS target and and apparent commitment to maintaining it (as someone building a JS library, this is very important to me) (and as someone who wants to build apps and be able to instantly share them with everyone in the world.) Someone has built an autocomplete plugin for Vim (merlin). ("VimBox" (https: has configured it to complete as you type like in Visual Studio etc.) On very rare occasion, you run into a problem that is inherently better suited to OO (dynamic dispatch). I can usually find a way to solve it with functors but it nice to know that you have OO in your back pocket in case you ever need it. It also nice to know you probably won have to. Finally, a common package manager (OPAM) is becoming standard. I look forward to seeing how OPAM helps make the new dev experience and the code sharing experience seamless. The module system is very powerful (SML Haskell does not have this, and strangely F dropped it. (I hear, Haskell type classes fulfill similar roles (but with more sugar)). There usually ocamlyacc grammars for most languages. Most examples of languages, type systems, parsers are already in OCaml (or ML). It a nice (but small) perk. Predictability. OCaml is not lazy by default. Lazy computations could become problematic for low latency applications (such as UIs) if a lot of computation becomes is deferred until the moment a final dependency has been satisfied, but by that time you may be close to your screen refresh deadline and it may lead to a dropped frame. It would Nike Hoodies For Juniors

It a bit of hyperbole, sure, but I think there some truth in it. For many of these, the progress is pretty slow starting with simple type inference, lambdas. OCaml has imperative features but it is still an ML language. As other languages adopt many of the ML features they will retain their roots of course. But I like to think they accumulate all of the good parts of an ML language (pattern matching, better inference). It possible that my belief that ML languages are far superior to popular languages could be influencing my outlook. But even after many years of programming in terrible languages like Java it clear within a week of programming in OCaml that so many problems that require "architecting" in Java are just trivial chains of functions and pattern matching in OCaml. I mean, you have fist class functions and pattern matching in Erlang, and a library for pattern matching in Clojure, but this doesn make them members of the ML family. And Nike Crew Neck Sweatshirt Womens

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   I am very pleased with my first
   order in your site.The service was
   prompt and the quality of flowers
   was higher than I expected.
      Neda, Toronto

   Great selection and prices!
   I love the ease of shopping here.
   Keep up the great work and I'll
   keep sending my gifts with you.
      Soraya, LA
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