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New Hurricane Forecast by Ron Demers

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Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

That is, of course, just one model opinion so we still have to watch the skies to make sure storms don get going farther south. We have more storm possibilities later tonight and into the day on Friday as well. It still looking like temperatures will be more comfortable by the weekend.

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Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

off pretty nicely compared to what we have been dealing with. We can see a low around 59 degrees and a low of 49 degrees for tomorrow night!I have to say this is a nice refreshing break from the heat. These cooler temperatures really get me in the mood for fall and cook some fall dishes like chili. Yesterday, we had some fair weather cumulus clouds move through the area and while I was outsideI took a few moments to look at the clouds. I have to admit, when I was akidI used to justsit outside and look at the clouds for hours and use my imagination and would see pictures within the clouds. So Nike Tracksuit Set Womens yesterday , I can say I was a BIG kid, because I just sat outside and let the imagination go! Do you have any great pictures of the clouds with images? I would love to hear from anyone that has any great pictures of images in the clouds that you have. Or if you are out on a random day and snap a picture, send it to me describing what you see. Counties in the KTIV viewing are include Lyon, Sioux, Union, Clay, Yankton, Lincoln.

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Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

We started out very wet for some part of the viewing area today. We will see that sun come though this afternoon, but along with that sunshine will be the heat. We do have a HEAT ADVISORY for the metro area, and you can sure feel it outside. In addition to that heat building, you can expect to see storms refire this evening. Some storms could be strong with heavy rainfall.

replacement is Riley O and he is as motivated and excited about weatheras I was starting out at KTIV. He also a very nice guy, so you are in good hands.

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank everyone in Emerson, NE, for being so friendly to me when I was at the Emerson Western Days Parade last weekend. A woman by the name of Lulene Sebade has sent me weather pictures for years from Emerson. I was lucky enough to run into her along the parade route and she was nice enough to snap a picture of me and sent it in.

You can see the predicted number for this year are still well above average. Remember, the definition of a named storm is winds of 39 mph or greater. A storm becomes a hurricane when the top winds get up to 74 mph or greater. And a major hurricane is a category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane which means the winds are 111 mph or greater.

summer days, but I really getting the itch for fall. I don know if I have got to mention it yet, but I do love to cook and try my hand at new dishes. You could say I am one of those guys who loves to grill, and watch football on a Saturday. There is noting like a cool day with football on and some good food. By the way, if you have any good dishes to recommend, let me know. I will be a licensed intern teacher at Le Mars Community School teaching 8th grade science. It is extremely exciting to take on this new challenge and work with young people. This will be a very busy year for me. You may still see me on rare occasions filling in for other meteorologists at KTIV for vacation/holidays, and in the summer.

Lulene told me in her e mail that Emerson Western Days was a success this year. I hope you all enjoyed your Bings!! Thanks again and I can wait for more parades next season.

I wanted to conclude my last (overdue) blog by posting some pics of my mature garden and its progress/future plans, but my email at home didn work, you just have to imagine. The watermelon have been taking over the front lawn, my mini fruit orchard is battling the Asian beetles but thriving and growing very slowly, and tomatoes ripening at about 40 50 lbs per week. My refrigerator unfortunately died this week so it been difficult to keep produce from spoiling! It amazing how much we take these things for granted. Canning will always have the added bonus that it doesn spoil for years, no matter what your freezer does or if there are power outages. I am sold after this incident this week. Have you noticed appliances don last like the used to? It is infuriating, since our refrigerator was only 5 years old, just past the warranty. Enough with my rant. I look forward to stopping in again sometime and maybe if I fill in some more next spring or summer I can show you my dwarf fruit trees producing their first peaches, plums, apples, pears, and cherries.

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I have to admit, we have had a pretty hot weekend, however there are some nice changes on the way. We have a pretty strong cold front that is barreling east and will move through the Siouxland area this evening into the overnight hours. We can see storms developing this evening, but it is the weather behind the front that I excited about. We will cool things Nike Long Sleeve Training Top

Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, came out with their latest hurricane forecast today and the Atlantic Basin remains on track for an active hurricane season. NOAA says that La Nina has formed. This allows for lower wind shear which allows storms over the Atlantic to grow and organize more easily. La Nina is when the water in the tropical Pacific Ocean is cooler than average. Including the storms that have already been named this year, here are the predictions for the number of storms expected from June 1 to November 30:

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2010 August

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Some fond memories I have include all of the exciting spring and summer storms that have kept me on my toes in the weather center and especially out in the field while storm chasing. We easily have the most unpredictable, active, and tornado prone weather in the world here in the Midwest and Plains. Every time May comes around and the humidity creeps up, I will think of my glory days tracking this exciting weather. I hope to be able to stay involved in storm photography and some occasional storm chasing. Mother nature is awe inspiring, you can tame it, and you just have to deal with it. Winter can be a royal pain, but there is beauty there too and it is possible to enjoy the quieter times. Also, it has been wonderful working with all of my fellow employees on the morning show and a verydown to earthRon Demers.

In the map below I showing you the RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) Forecast Model. This shows the majority of stronger storms staying north of Sioux Falls through 10 pm.

Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

Nike Tracksuit Set Womens

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