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Nike Jacket Men 2017

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Nike Jacket Men 2017

I was sad at reading your post, i can tell you are one of the many nice guys in the JW's. I was a pioneer, a bethelite and would say as you did verbatim.

Maybe had you known you would have come Nike Tracksuit Mens

These are just some of the details that Kelly and I discussed tonight.

As for the statements about peace. You sadly have not been brave enough to explore the 'forbidden ' evidence. I assume you know nothing of the Rand Cam Navy engine that Watchtower owned or the letter from Rutherford to Hitler called 'The Decleration of Facts'.

God created the universe, he is all knowing, all powerful. He just needs your money and time. Oh come on!

body are and it doesn't matter."

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Do you know how much of the jewish mythology comes from Egypt, mesapotamia and beyond?

Maybe you SHOULD know who the GB is as you are following their direction on how to please your god.,how can you say younhave soughtbtruth if you dont even caremwho ismleading the line younare following?

The number of posts from ex Witnesses such as myself should give pause to your experience. You state "you have no idea who all the governing body are" so your experience is quite limited. From that narrow perspective things seem good, and mistakes explainable. You probably do not even know the Governing Body joined the UN as an NGO after calling it the Wild Beast. Or that the stance on blood transfusions as changed after the needless deaths of thousands of Jehovahs Witnesses. Or that the Watchtower just settled a $28 million lawsuit in California over child abuse charges. Dig a little deeper and you like I will be disgusted at such bold faced hypocrisy. Lets demand change as in Nike Black Hoodie Zip Up

Growing up as a Jehovah's Witness is something I am truly grateful for. It took me until I was 17 to realize that it was the actual truth. To label us a cult is a total cop out for those who have left. I have no idea who all the members of the governing body are and it doesn't matter. After high school I devoted myself to learning more about Jehovah and his purpose and this lifestyle continues to solidify my family. I can't speak for other families, but ours realizes that we must progress with Jehovah and keep helping people learn about his word. I'm proud to say that none of my friends or their family members have ever hidden behind nationalism to strike down anyone just because they are from another country. We encourage people and strive to build their faith through true bible. Women as well have the amazing privilege of preaching throughout the week as they're husbands work full time jobs to support them so it balances out quite well actually. You can go to college also.

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Are the Jehovah's Witnesses a cult? One of my guests tonight says absolutely yes. And he says ensuing family disharmony and the cultish legacy contributed to his sister's murder. He also says women are seen as creatures trapped somewhere between men and animals in God's hierarchy.

A former Jehovah's Witness tells his frightening story

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Ps blood fractions come from blood donations. Will you donate blood? Will you take it from others in the form of a fraction?

the Governing Bodies resignation.

Do you realise that the name Jehovah is a mish mash of the HEBREW phrase YHWH from the OT and the consonants from the NT Greek word ADONAI (lord) this silly idea gives YaHoVaH turned into latin JaHoVaH . Nobody uses it, because it was a crazy idea of a group of monks. Go read some secular history. You are being lied to.

Have you bothered to visit a museum yet? The 150 million year old dinosaurs, the neanderthals, homo erectus, the ancienct civilisations, languages and people older than 6000 years in age. According to the bible Adam was alive at the building of the first pyramids. Do you realise how INSANE that belief is?

Nike Jacket Men 2017

As a 3rd generation Witness who was disfellowshipped as an apostate for demanding answers regarding child molestatation and other crimes, I find that there are actually 2 religions within Jehovah's Witnesses. The rank and file who are sincere and good willed (as I might add am I) and the "organization" the elders , circuit overseers and especially Governing Body who have a no Nike Jacket Men 2017 holds bar devotion to the structure/hierarchy. The congregation might be a spiritual paradise for those who accept without question the doctrines and statements found in the Watchtower, but for long time believers who have seen there cherished religion undergo doctinal changes with deceptive reasoning which never takes responsiibility for errors, only silence is allowed. The emphasis is on loyalty to the organization, not God's Word which exposes the lies of the governing body. As an example the 1/1/13 Watchtower on the wrong dates given for the end. Where in that article is an apology or accountablility for such presumptuous acts? Instead this is pointed to as proof that the Governing Body is alert! The Pharisaical judicial committee system prevents open, honest, responsible conversation. Instead those who openly question are dealt with as apostates. What does the organization have to fear from honest discussion of admitted changes (not errors of course) just the truth. These men are truly Evil as in Evil Slave that beats their brothers when Christ doesn't return on their time table.

Nike Jacket Men 2017

"I have no idea who all the members of the governing Nike White Jackets

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Nike Jacket Men 2017

across Ray Franz, a GB member with 70 years service to Watchtower including his time as a GB member. He left the GB and the religion due to a "crisis of conscience". He described the GB weekly doctrinal meetings as non scriptural and based on votes. He explained that loyalties, bullying and lobbying dictated the votes and therefore doctrines and therefore peoples lives. He was asked to find evidence for the 607 BCE as no historian uses that date, he couldn't. Why do you think no other Christian religion teaches a ''paradise earth".

Why do they own so much property and stock in Satan's system? Whybare they forcing refurbs on halls so as to empty the bank accounts of KH's and tie them to loans.

Nike Jacket Men 2017

Nike Jacket Men 2017

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