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In the meantime, enjoy your suddenly summer like weather and get ready for a rainier and cooler weekend.

No, this isn a post about 80 hair bands or the absence of leg warmers in today culture. Instead, let think back to the last time the mercury soared above the 80 mark. How long do you think it been?

Nike Tracksuit 2018

Nike Tracksuit 2018

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Confidence is growing that a major winter storm, if not blizzard will hit the area Saturday night into Sunday. An April blizzard? Our biggest snow event on record occurred in the month of April when over 20 fell within a couple of days. How does this compare? Our computer models are showing as much as 1.5 2 of liquid which it would take to create 20 of snow, but the challenge is that we have some of that liquid as rain at first, then gradually transitioning to snow by late afternoon Saturday here in Sioux City (this will turn from rain to snow from SE S. Dakota to NW Iowa).

I been keeping Nike Tracksuit 2018 them outside during the day in a rigged up cold frame that basically a wooden buried in the dirt that covered with two old windows. It basically heats up like a greenhouse and stays milder at night.

though. While we still see highs in the 80s for Friday, a cold front will move in by late in the day. And if a storm is able to get going along that front it could become severe.

If you guessed 5 or 6 months you spot on. It has been 5 1/2 months since we last hit the 80 mark, on November 3, 2008 Sioux City had a high of 80.

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We are the exception to the rule though, because most of the area did see several inches of heavy wet snow. Here are a couple of snowfall maps from the Sioux Falls National Weather Service and Omaha:

Safety Tools For Kids by Ron Demers

It not unusual to get an 80 day in April, in fact in 3 out of the last4 years we saw 80 earlier than we will this year. In 2005 and 2007 the first 80 day came in March.

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It was a record setting day across the region, and you could feel it! We saw a high in the 90s in Sioux City for the first time since August 3rd of last year (263 days ago). We hit 92 easily breaking the old record of 87 set in 1939. And we weren the only place doing it as places like Spencer, Sioux Center, Norfolk, Yankton, Sioux Falls, Huron, etc. all saw record setting highs. It was even looking like spring (or summer) with Nike Hoodies Blue

The Blizzard that wasn some anyway Dave Winslow

2009 April

What can you plant now? Heartier Lettuce goes in soon, I put in some broccoli, onions, and potatoes can be buried. The problem is finding enough time to get it all done! My advice, take it one step at a time and visit your local garden center or nursery for advice.

Possible Weekend Blizzard Dave Winslow

But there some question as to whether any storms will be able to form in the evening hour when conditions will be more favorable for severe storms. There going to be a warm layer of air in the atmosphere called a cap. A cap tries to inhibit thunderstorm initiation. So this might stop thunderstorms from being too numerous but again, if they able to get going, they could be strong to severe.

in on Thursday.

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Record Highs in the 90s! by Ron Demers

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Buzz guides kids through the interactive games, lesson plans, and activities that provide youth with the knowledge and resources needed to prepare for emergency situations. But can you blame me? These pepper, tomato, and broccoli seedlings started out as small and weak little green stems but they matured into stronger mature plants now (I planted the seed indoors back in late February).

The Long Lost 80 by Mike Zwier

Whatever your plans are for the rest of the week, I hope you can get out and enjoy the warmth at least a little bit since clouds and showers will move in for the weekend.

We should be able to break that streak this week as a strong surge of warm air blows Nike Windrunner Men's Jacket Black And White

flowers coming to life like this picture from Yumi Johnson of Sioux City.

Nike Tracksuit 2018

Nike Tracksuit 2018

Kids all across South Dakota have a new way to learn how to stay safe in emergency situations Buzz the bReady Bee. Buzz is the newest online addition to South Dakota bReady preparedness campaign.

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Nike Tracksuit 2018

Nike Tracksuit 2018

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