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Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

The two men have crossed paths before. They've seen each other now and then in Lake Crystal, where Klingerman lives and Lokensgard, until recently, operated Crystal Drug. Last summer, Nike Sb Pullover

That was in January 1993, when Williams, then Janet Klingerman, was a 17 year old senior in high school in Lake Crystal and working at the drugstore. Five months later Lokensgard entered a plea, avoiding a trial, and was convicted of a misdemeanor charge of fifth degree assault. A civil lawsuit followed that resulted in him paying about $15,000 in damages to Williams.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Lokensgard's attorney, Mark Betters, told Smith he didn't want his client to be treated like a "cog in a machine." What Lokensgard did isn't the same as the crimes committed by sex offenders who violently attack victims, but the treatment is the same, Betters said. And, if he doesn't admit the touching wasn't consensual, Lokensgard could end up failing treatment and being sent to jail.

"I think it's a gross injustice to throw Mr. Lokensgard into the machine and have him be treated like any cog," Betters said.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Greg Klingerman and Lokensgard have gone through this whole courtroom thing once before, too. It was 15 years ago when Lokensgard was charged with a felony for sexually assaulting the Klingermans' Nike Windrunner Red And Grey

They were fewer than 10 feet apart but said nothing to each other. Lokensgard, 73, was waiting to be sentenced for a fifth degree criminal sexual conduct conviction.

there are more young victims, both before and after Williams' assault, who haven't come forward.

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy put restrictions on Lokensgard's pharmacist's license, limiting him to working 20 hours per week and only under the supervision of another pharmacist, and his Crystal Drug store was closed last summer. And his wife has ended their 45 year marriage, citing last year's sexual assault charge in her dissolution papers.

"I'm sure my parents wanted me to buy a car or save it for a down payment on a house," Williams said during a telephone interview this week. "But I was thinking, 'Why would I want to buy anything substantial for what he did to me?' So I just shopped and took my family shopping."

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Greg Klingerman said it felt good to hear Smith's words. That's why he attended Friday's sentencing 15 years after going through the same thing with his daughter.

daughter, Janet Williams of Rochester.

After admitting it wasn't easy keeping his cool before court, Klingerman said he was hoping for some jail time and wanted to hear an apology from Lokensgard.

She walked away with about $10,000 after the lawyer was paid. She blew every penny of it.

"It seemed like he was staring at me," Anne Klingerman said. "He gave me the creeps."

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Arguing for a 60 day jail sentence and sex offender treatment, Hanson also said he believes Lokensgard is a sick man who needs help. Hanson also told District Court Judge Norbert Smith he's concerned Nike Jacket Blue

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

"If he doesn't do that, he's never going to get better and we're going to be back here again and again on probation violations and new crimes," he said.

The victim in the 2007 incident hadn't filed a civil lawsuit against Lokensgard as of Friday, but there have been consequences outside the criminal courtroom for the former Lake Crystal businessman.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Those assaults resulted in a fourth degree criminal sexual conduct charge but was reduced to a gross misdemeanor charge of fifth degree Nike Pullover Hoodie Black criminal sexual conduct in a plea agreement in November.

"When Mr. Lokensgard pleaded guilty, he pleaded guilty. I don't care if it was an Alford plea," Smith said, adding that Lokensgard shouldn't receive special treatment.

Sitting outside the courtroom Friday, the silence and lack of eye contact between Greg Klingerman and Michael Ernest Lokensgard revealed no clue the two men have known each other for years.

In both cases, Lokensgard entered an Alford plea. The plea allowed him to acknowledge there's enough evidence to result in a jury conviction without admitting guilt. During the sentencing hearing Friday, Assistant Blue Earth County Attorney Michael Hanson said he's concerned because Lokensgard insists the touching was consensual.

Nike Pullover Hoodie Black

Having Lokensgard admit he's sexually assaulted Williams and the latest victim would be a start, Hanson said.

Klingerman and his wife, Anne, ran into the pharmacist at Jake's Pizza in Mankato.

"If that's called being a cog in the wheel, so be it. He's just like anyone else pleading guilty to a sex offender crime."

Smith sentenced Lokensgard to one year in jail but suspended the sentence for two years. Then he ordered Lokensgard to pay a $3,000 fine, complete a sexual offender treatment program and register as a sex offender to avoid jail. He also restricted Lokensgard from any contact with a female younger than 18 where he's attempting to develop a rapport or create an opportunity for physical contact.

"That's what my daughter really wanted to hear," Klingerman said. "She wanted him to say he was sorry."

A deja vu sex offense

Lokensgard was originally charged with a felony on Jan. 19, 2007, as well. As with Williams' case, that victim, who is not named in court documents, was his employee. She was 16 at the time and reported he started by touching her shoulder while she was counting pills in the back portion of the store. As time progressed, his touching became more aggressive and he started fondling her over her clothes, the girl reported.

"That's how sick that man is, that he would actually think it's consensual," Williams said after being told about Friday's hearing. "That's one thing I always wondered after he did this to me: Did he really think I wanted him to touch me that way? If he really thinks these young women are coming on to him, it's repulsive."

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