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Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

If severe weather moves in, remember to tune into Channel 4 and we keep you updated with the latest developments.

Strangely quiet and comfortable for early summer Dave Winslow

You got to love it when the humidity drops and it stays sunny this time of year. What even better is that it won just be for a few days, but the entire week leading up until the 4th of July! How do you get this much nice weather following a June that has brought Sioux City 5.26 of rain? Here the upper level jeststreampattern:

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Notice how the jetstream winds are from the southwest. This will allow several disturbances to push through, drop some rain, and when you get rain this time of year, the after effect is humidity when the sun starts to heat things up. In fact, we may even see some severe weather on Tuesday if storms can form during the late afternoon and evening. By Wednesday and Thursday, a ridge of high pressure will develop to our south and these systems almost always bring very hot conditions this time of year. The pools and ice cream man should start seeing some better business soon. The story said that a new study shows that wind speeds across the United States have been declining over the last several decades. The story can be found hereif you would like to read it. I decided to take a look at wind data from Sioux Gateway Airport, and see if it had anything to say on the matter.

Robert Charity Gray from Cherokee, IA

Let me preface the data by saying I not supporting or denying the claim that global warming is a factor in changing winds. In fact, I did a little more research into the study and even the scientists are only speculating that there may be a connection, saying more research is needed before any real conclusions can be made. With that said, a quick analysis of data from the anemometer at Sioux Gateway Airport agrees with the new study.

One of the areas where storms could develop are along a front in the northern parts of our area. These could first develop in South Dakota and then move to the southeast affecting us later this evening into tonight. If storms aren able to get going in this vicinity, it would be later in the night before our chances of thunderstorms would occur.

I expect storms to form along this weak stationary front by the early to middle afternoonabout 40 80 miles west of the Missouri River. I see places like Neligh, Norfolk, Yankton, and O under the gun the most. They will be moving slow, so there could be some locally heavy rain, strong wind, and large hail with these scattered storms. We continue to track the severe weather potential for you here on KTIV News Channel 4.

may erupt east of Sioux City where there is a moderate risk of severe weather today and tonight as you can see below.

But we all stand the chance of some strong to severe storms as even later this evening or tonight some storms could get going that work through the entire area. In other words, stay alert for another night here as things should settle down and be dry by Saturday.

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Now the question is, we see more of these kinds of scenes tonight? There a chance. Some of Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens the first severe weather Nike Jackets Windbreaker

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

That means Saturday night is the shortest night of the year, only 8 hours and 43 minutes from sunset to sunrise. Even though it marks the start of Summer, the shortest night of the year is often called Midsummer night. Traditionally Midsummer night is celebrated with all night bonfires and partying. Some ancient cultures believed it marked a time when the veil between our world and the world of elves and fairies, other cultures believed that mid summer plants hold special healing powers, so they harvested them on Midsummer night.

Here a breakdown of what I found:

The extreme humdity and hot temps are still on tap, but some morning storms may be throwing off our forecast a little bit. In fact, a severe thunderstorm watch has been issue for almost everyone, as storms form near Neligh and Norfolk and push east gradually.

Some Incredible Storms by Ron Demers

We tracking a possible severe weather setup for Friday afternoon and evening. It appears the best severe potential will end up in the Sandhills of Nebraska into Central South Dakota. This area looks most promising for severe weather because a warm front will be setting up here and this front will focus the best wind shear, heat, and instability here. There even a concerning potential for tornadic storms in the area I have highlighted in orange during the evening.

We had some pretty amazing storms over the past three days. And we certainly haven been the only place dealing with the weather. Check out some of the weather pictures that have come in.

This year (2009) we were about .5 mph below average for the January May time frame, which is about a 3.5% anomaly.

Severe Weather Risk Today Dave Winslow

While a few storms developed during the night and even a few Nike Sweatshirt Maroon

More severe storms? by Ron Demers

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

I looked at the first 5 months of the year (January through May) for the last 10 years and found only two years with above average wind speeds. January through May are typically the windiest months across the region, with an average wind speed of about 12 knots, or 14 mph, so a decrease in wind speed would be most evident during these months.

during the late morning Nike Mens Hoodies

and early afternoon today, the activity has not been nearly as widespread or as strong as yesterday. We still have the chance of a few storms developing and possibly becoming severe tonight as evidenced by the convective outlook:

The SPC forecast for severe weather puts us in the slight risk area:

With a prevailing NW wind direction and northwesterly jetstream, there will be very little opportunity for enough moisture to spark the kind of storms we normally get this time of year (the Gulf of Mexico is effectively cut off). You may want to get your garden hose out and ready to go.

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

2009 June

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Severe Weather Outlook for Thursday

Thoughts on Severe Weather Dave Winslow

As referenced in the last post, our pattern has changed dramatically. The dewpoint at the Sioux Gateway Airport hit 68 yesterday afternoon, easily the highest it has been this season. Humidity levels today are going to be like early July again, and temperatures should warm into the 80s as the clouds clear a little bit. Notice the clearing seen on this image as it crosses into Western Iowa at 8:30 am:

With how rapidly it heating up and the humdity being in the extreme category, even NW Iowa could see storms by midday. These storms will produce hail, damaging wind, and torrential rain for some. Will we still hit 90 or hotter? I guess yes, but that 97 may be in jeopardy. We have coverage of severe weather online and on KTIV News Channel 4 throughout the day.

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

Nike Gray Sweatshirt Womens

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