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I picked up a handful of liens in a different area than Rustic. Half at 11% and half at 16%. All vacant residential, and all with 3 years worth of liens, so I could look at foreclosing if I want. Not real expensive properties, but as a group it could be worth it.

could also just let the liens sit and accrue interest. I have to decide to foreclose by the 7th year (after the original lien date) or the original lien is invalid.

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2013 Northern Arizona Tax Lien results

original lien date because they bought the lien from you.

I may let these season a year to earn the high interest and then start foreclosure to either get paid the interest and redeemed, or end up with the properties that I would package and sell as a group. If you have a tax cert in AZ and are not paid, you state you could end up Nike Hoodie Lime Green with the properties. How does that work? Are other investors or buyers able to bid on these, or can you simply transfer title one the tax liens are a certain time period old?

Always learn the rules of the state in which you are buying liens. and the few liens I just checked, I found the taxes have not been paid for 3 years. Seems Rustic could foreclose on all these right now, since there is a 3 year redemption Nike Coat For Men

Jenkins Ramon, Yes, I buy Arizona over Illinois liens. I talked about in other posts here in the past. Most Illinois counties require that you show up in person to bid. They go through each lien one at a time and it a huge chunk of time.

I found a surprising large amount of properties had at least 3 years worth of taxes unpaid. Now some properties are junk, but many investors never want the property, they want the interest. So they just stop paying the sub taxes and let the lien go into the annual auction. That way the new buyer pays all the back taxes and interest and the old lien holder is paid off.

I bought several liens this year that were for 3 years of taxes, which in AZ means I can foreclose now if I choose. I Nike Sb Long Sleeve

John Thedford, Yes in Arizona the lien holder can end up with the property. Florida is one of the only states I know that sells liens, but when the redemption period expires, the property is auctioned for foreclosure instead of going to the lien holder who forecloses.

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So if you buy a 3 or 4 years old tax lien you can foreclosure really instantly?

Each state is different. In Arizona the redemption period is 3 years from the date of the first sale. If the property owner has not paid the line after three years the lien holder can foreclose. It is a judicial foreclosure process, meaning that if the owner or any other line holder (mortgage, mechanics lien holder, etc) do not pay the back taxes and interest, then the lien holder get deed to the property. (IRS liens still survive and Homeowner Association liens can also survive)

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period in AZ.

Arizona also differs from other states in that if you bought a lien last year and the next year the owner still doesn pay the back taxes or current taxes you have the choice to pay the next year taxes too and keep both liens in force in your name. If you decide not to pay the taxes (called "subsequent taxes") for the second year, then the lien is sold in the next year auction and includes your prior lien amount plus all the interest you earned.

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The rates can be higher than AZ, but like AZ you bid down the interest rate and lowest rate wins. So I not losing that much interest.

The properties are titled to Read Homes Inc. and the few liens I just checked, I found the taxes have not been paid for 3 years. Seems Rustic could foreclose on all these right now, since there is a 3 year redemption period in AZ.

Whoever wins the lien that second year now holds both liens. You get your check for your principle and interest and you are done. The new lien holder holds the lien for both years. They also take over your Nike Women Hoodie

I am in SW Florida, and they auction off the properties to settle tax cert bills.

K. Marie Poe Your question prompted me to look at Rustic detail. All but one lien was purchased in an unfinished residential development in Prescott Valley. Several roads and curbs are in, (but not all in the Google aerial shot below) and several homes are built.

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Uwe S. Yes if you buy a lien that covers 3 full years of taxes then you can foreclose. Because 2009 taxes were sold as liens in February 2010, then any liens that covered 2009 taxes that were bought in the auction this year have the option of being foreclosed upon. 2010 to 2011 = 1 year, 2011 to 2012 = 2 years, and 2012 to 2013 = 3 full years.

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