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Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

In the way that the terrorist acts changed the country, the murder of Amy and the rape and attempted murder of Becky changed the community, he said. Theirs was a tragedy that reached beyond the immediate scope of family and friends, and a legacy that lived beyond the case's faded headlines.

Becky's harrowing testimony had played a key role in the prosecution, as detailed in "The Darkest Night."

"Mom and Dad, they always told this story before we were about to go someplace," the youths informed him.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

"Our family was shattered," Toni Case, Amy's and Becky's mother, said in a recent phone interview with the Star Tribune. "Amy was our little clown and our happiness she kept us all together."

on Sept. 24, 1973, 18 year old Becky Thomson was leaving to buy groceries and asked her 11 year old half sister, Amy Burridge, if she wanted to tag along.

The two drove in Becky's Ford station wagon to the Thriftway store on Nike Hoodie With Logo On Sleeve

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

His book, "The Darkest Nike Crop Top

There was no third man, let alone anyone else, around when Jenkins pulled over next to the Fremont Canyon Bridge out by Alcova, about 36 miles southwest of Casper. Amy was removed from the vehicle first.

When Becky and Amy emerged from the store, one of the car's tires was flat. Unbeknownst to the sisters, the two men who had cut the tire, Jerry Jenkins and Ronald Kennedy, were the same guys who pulled into the parking spot next to them. The men offered to help.

Former Natrona County Coroner James Thorpen would later testify that Amy likely crashed head first into the rock ledge below, according to Casper native Ron Franscell's book "The Darkest Night." Her spine was driven into her brain, and she lived for only seconds after the fall, Thorpen said.

Franscell, a neighbor of the sisters, was 16 in September 1973.

But as Becky healed physically, she and the rest of her family remained haunted by the night of Sept. 24 and the early morning hours of Sept. 25, 1973.

top of the canyon while lying in the dirt.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

Night," was published in 2007, and Franscell returned to his hometown in 2008 for a signing. He was confused when several teenagers and twenty somethings began lining up, and he started asking questions. They wouldn't have been alive when the crimes occurred; how did they hear about this?

1973 murder and rape have lasting effect on family

"Nobody ever reeled you back in," he said. "Then this happened. He said he was moved to write a book on the girls' story and its Nike Long Sleeve For Girls effect on Casper during a flight home from the Middle East covering the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks for the Denver Post.

After a short ruse about changing the tire, the drunken men abducted the sisters and began their drive. First to Casper Mountain, then toward Alcova Lake as Sept. 24 turned into Sept. 25. Jenkins, the greasy fat one, drove and Kennedy, the crazy eyed one, beat and terrorized the sisters from the front passenger seat.

Jenkins and Kennedy said the four were going to see a man who would determine the girls' fate. Becky and Amy were told that a car hit the man a few days earlier and it looked identical to the one Becky was driving.

"This story seeped into Casper's mythology as a cautionary tale," Franscell said. "It became the boogeyman story. Kids are being told this story and it's an object lesson in personal safety. That's how it got perpetuated."

The arrests were swift and the jury unmoved by the defendants. Kennedy's attorney argued insanity and Jenkins' attorney attempted to shirk the blame onto Kennedy. Both men were sentenced to death, only to later be spared by the justice system. Supreme Court decision. The state court resentenced them to life in prison.

12th and Melrose streets in Casper.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

n n n

She didn't. After paddling her broken body to shore, Becky spent the remaining, black hours waiting. She blanketed herself with rocks and her own waist length hair.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

"We were one thing when we went to bed on Sept. 24, 1973, and by the next night, Casper, Wyoming, was something else," Franscell said. "I believe all of us have a moment where our innocence was lost. In one fell swoop, in 1973, our town lost it."

As the sun began to rise, she inched backward up the slick embankment, nude from the waist down. Unable to use her legs, Becky flagged down an elderly couple at the Nike Sweatshirts White

When Kennedy returned, the two men took turns raping Becky. They finished and led her to the bridge. Becky was thrown over, plunging first into a ledge, then ricocheting into the deep water below. Kennedy and Jenkins spoke of how they needed to make certain she died before tossing her from the bridge.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

He recalls neighborhood kids riding their bikes in the street at twilight, playing kick the can after dark.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

n n n

Becky was ordered to remain in the vehicle with Jenkins against her protests. Becky didn't know it at the time, but as she waited, Kennedy dumped her little sister off the bridge.

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

Nike Long Sleeve For Girls

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