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Nike Jackets Burgundy

Nike Jackets Burgundy

Flooding around the Sioux City Auditorium

1952 Sioux City Flood Pictures

Nike Jackets Burgundy

Revised Missouri River Records

Nike Jackets Burgundy

Nike Jackets Burgundy

nice enough to share some of those pictures with us. Here are a few of his pictures from that impressive 1952 flood.

The old brewery right off of Hamilton Blvd.

So now the highest crest ever officially recorded on the Missouri River here in Sioux City was the crest of 44.28 in 1952. But the highest level since flood control on the Missouri River began with would be 30.77 in 1984. And as you probably heard, we could end up cresting between 35 and 37 feet by mid June which would be by far the highest crest seen in Sioux City since Gavins Point Dam was built in the 1950s.

2011 June

As you may have heard us mention on air, 1952 is the year that provided Sioux City with the highest crest recorded on the Missouri River in Sioux City at 44.28 feet. That an impressive number but it even more impressive to see the pictures. Joe Stabile is a viewer who enjoys collectingphotos of Sioux City past and was Nike Windrunner Light Bone

Nike Jackets Burgundy

We seeing about a foot of rise per day in Nike Jackets Burgundy Sioux City along the banks of the Missouri River. This is a snapshot from our Prospect Hill camera at 11:10 am:

As most of you know, I love storms and love chasing them and will chase anytime I get a chance. We even had the Discovery Channel with us getting footage for an upcoming project. Our base city was Denver, CO., and from there set out and chased wherever storms would develop. A typical day usually involved waking up early and studying models to see where exactly we anticipate storms. Sometimes if it was a down day with no severe storms expected (these are the days where we know we will eat well at a nice restaurant and be able to kick back some). It is also typical during our down days to drive to our next target location (which sometimes exceeded 500 to 700miles in one day). This year we traveled to Montana (where the above picture was taken), Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. In the picture above, a supercell broke out just west of Billings, Montana. This did produce a brief tornado but it was the hail that was so impressive. Our team decided to core punch this storm (drive right through the core of it where the winds and hail are most intense), so it was then that I really have to use my defensive driving skills, since I was the driver on this trip! Dealing with tennis to baseball sized hail, winds up to 75+ mph, and blinding rain can be a challenge. (Now you may me asking yourself the windows bust? Yes!!!It does happen frequently and we just get it fixed and head right back out). What a rush, there is nothing like it! So, you might be wondering why I do this? Well, I love adventure and there is no better way to get it than to chase in my opinion. Second, it really helps me as a meteorologist to understand how and why these storms form and being out in the field, I get to experience it hands on talk about it on air with viewers (especially during severe weather events). Out total mileage onthis trip was 3300 miles in about 5 days, so in addition to seeing the fury of mother nature, I got to see new parts of the United States! I am Nike Tracksuit Sportscene

already excited to go next year. Here a list of the times to look in town:

During most of the times above you should start by looking in the western sky with the International Space Station then moving across our skies toward the east or southeast. It not real big but interesting to see anyway. And obviously, you have to hope for mostly clear skies. Good luck and enjoy!

Nike Jackets Burgundy

The latest river level is over 32 as of this morning and it still rising. One big concern is thatthe prolonged nature of this flood will challenge levees and recently built flood walls as they will constantly be holding back thewild Missouri River. My message is that if you have some time, help your neighbor by sandbagging or doing anything you can to make it easier Nike Grey Hoodie Girls

for people in the river path.

Nike Jackets Burgundy

As of just a couple of days ago, if you would go on theNational Weather Service site to look at record Missouri River levels in Sioux City, you would have seen the highest crest to have been just over 30 feet. The National Weather Service says that prior to 1971, the reference point for the Sioux City river gauge was 20 feet higher than it is today. So in other words,before 1971, 10 feet was considered flood stage instead of 30 feet as is the case now. So in order to provide a reference point to past floods, all the data prior to 1971 would have 20 feet added to it so there is a common reference of all the river readings.

Nike Jackets Burgundy

Nike Jackets Burgundy

The river is invading the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn, with the hotel itself becoming an island. Unfortunately this is only the beginning and all of the work the community has done will of course be tested in the coming weeks.

River on the rise Dave Winslow

Nike Jackets Burgundy

Nike Jackets Burgundy

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