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If you concerned that this cold front means the end to our warm days, it doesn Pleasant weather will be Nike Hoodie With Zipper

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right back with us by Wednesday afternoon with some warm days still ahead before bigger (and colder) changes take place next week.

Pepper Harvest Time Dave Winslow

mind. We will of course be focusing in on this over the next couple days and we will be fine tuning the forecast.

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But then we got into a warmer groove. From September 16th to the 27th we were in the 80s ten times. We even tied for the warmest day of the month on the 26th when we hit 88 degrees. The coolest we saw was 38 degrees on the 15th.

It does appear that as an area of high pressure drops down through the Dakotas, particularly Thursday morning could be a touch frosty in some spots. It is going to depend on where that area of high pressure settles longest and where the lightest winds develop Wednesday night. For those of you with some tender plants and if you are living in a valley spot where it tends to be cooler at night, this is something to keep in Nike Black Jacket

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Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

I was driving up along I29 on Thursday and noticing something surprising corn has already been harvested! Yes, it is that time of year for some crops including pepper plants. If you know me very well or hang out with me for more than a few hours, you may inevitably hear me mention my cherished vegetable garden. I don know how I got so obsessed with this succulent little pepper plant (capsicum annuum), but the color and beauty probably had something to do with it after I tried my first bell pepper planting last summer. I was much more eager this summer and did the whole seedling process in the window, then used cold frame (a mini spring greenhouse) , and finally put them out the second week of May. A few died in our July windstorm due to the 70 90 mph winds, but about 40 of my original 44 pepper plants survived. I feel like Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens the guy from Forrest Gump talking about all of the different shrimp possibilities, but in my pictures are banana peppers, sweet pimiento peppers (red acorn shape), orange, yellow, purple, green, red, and giant red Chinese bell peppers. Nike Windrunner Men Jacket

Leaves changing nights nights? Dave Winslow

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Other than a few batches of peppers with some blossom end rot, I think this summer has been great for growing this type of plant.

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The skies in Siouxland have been as dark today as they have been for a while. That because of some thunderstorms that have been growing out ahead of a cold front. The taller those thunderstorm clouds get, the darker our skies look and that been the case today. A couple of months ago this would have just been a normal day in Siouxland. But our weather pattern has been so quiet as of late that this seems like a real change. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center has a slight risk of severe weather over the eastern sections of Siouxland, also something we haven seen for a while.

Our temperatures have been 4.4 degrees below normal (this is significantly cool!). However, after way below normal weather usually the pattern will deliver some sort of compensation and we are going to actually be above average for quite some time. Replacing a dip in the jetstream will be an upper level ridge of high pressure (AKA the anticyclone, or anti storm system).

As for us here in Sioux City, our best chances of rain (as of 3:20 pm) have already passed us by. But if you live east of Sioux City keep an extra eye to the sky as a few strong storms could get going this afternoon.

Days in the 80s are going to be harder and harder to come by now that we getting into October. And by Thursday morning we going to be seeing our temperatures bottom out in the mid 30s with the possibility of a little patchy frost. So as we plunge further into fall, I thankful for the nice warm spell that made September 2008 a bit warmer than the "average" September.

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Yes, after our 2 week stretch of balmy summerish weather reality has hit us with some much cooler fall conditions. The leaves are actually starting to change colors, fall off, and the nighttime lows are getting a little chilly. No one has seen it yet, but this is typically when the central portions of Siouxland see the first frost of the fall season. What do I mean by first frost? Yes, frost can even occur if the recorded Sioux Gateway Airport sensor reads 34 degrees (the sensor is about 6 ft above the surface and right by the ground the temperature can be a couple degrees cooler), but I am talking about an actual airport sensor of 32 degrees, the freezing point of water.

A fall day with spring like storms

It seems like every month goes by quickly and yes, September is now coming to an end. Early in September it was feeling like fall was going to settle in on us very quickly. In fact, after getting into the 80s on the first day of the month, we didn do it again until 10 days later.

Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

On our weather page you notice a prolonged period of days where the highs don deviate much from about 80 and lows will be comfortable in the 40s and 50s. How long does this pattern continue? It appears that the warmth will break down early next week a little bit as our next Canadian cold front moves in. In the meantime, let the corn and bean harvest begin!

Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

2008 September

Nike Tracksuit Grey Womens

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