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crowd of the REAL racists.

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In retrospect Rileys biggest mistake in his Kenny Chesney "fo pah" was either saying the N Word during a slow cycle, or just not having a track produced by Swiz Beats in the background while he did it, when it would of been the feel good hit of the summer. If Riley had just drop the hard "R" at the end of the word it would of changed context completely and would of sounded like he was just inviting them over for tea or something.

Surprise! It's Jimmy Haslem. If you havnt read my "Schiano Man" Nike Tracksuits Cheap

In case you missed it, I call Danny "The Newsboy" because as a white RB hes part of a dying industry, but you still need him on Sundays, and he all ways delivers. As you guys know the Chargers season came down to a missed FG by the Chiefs. You could almost see God winking at Woodhead as the kick drifted wide right to send the game to over time. The Chargers lined up in a 8 man stack for the kick in a formation that was most likley taken out of one of there LIEbacker's dream journals. Fortunately the refs swallowed there whistles and Woodhead went to work.

In retrospect the Eagles handled this the Right Nike Tracksuit Mens Black

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song for him,please take the time do so now. I'll wait.

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Dannys a small guy hes never had anything handed to him much less a cafeteria tray so from a early age he had to learn to bring his own lunch. Lunch is a very importent part of male NFL culture, it's a meal that lets you know who the men are on the team and whose just skating by with Go Gurts and kale smoothies. If Im a NFL coach I cut a guy for bringing Kale into my locker room if I wouldnt be so afraid his parents would sue me. I never had any respect for the kids who were on reduce lunch in school, a real man takes pride in his midday meal. Even when I spent all my money on Pogs I still would find a way to grit together a couple dollars by taking it from a weaker kid or just pawning my ballchain necklace, wallet, or homemade backpack strap so I could sit down and show all the other tables in the cafeteria that I'm a lunchpail type guy NOT a brunchpail type guy. (Saying "I'll wait" is my new cutdown its pretty good when in fact Im just going to close this tab and cruise on over to drudge to kill some time before more NFL news breaks.) Anyways coming from a guy who spends his job time in a city that reelected a crackmayor I have to respect Erik's take. Hes more of a lunchquail type guy though. Hard to pack a pail when your lunchs literally falling out of the sky into your mouth crying for its mom the way God and Jesus meant for it to be.

Way and knew that the fastest way to not hating black people and wanting to Nike Jackets Hoodie beat them up when your drunk is through on field production so they made Cooper the lynchpin of there offense no offense.

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I call this guy the scarecrow cuz he's got a Wood Head but a heart that bleeds midwest values folks. You cant help wonder if maybe Danny would only play for the Patriots and Chargers and other teams that would literally only let him wear Blue Collars. I say yes, thats probably what happened.

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2013 NFL Awards

The Danny "Newsboy" Woodhead Lunchpail Fella of the year: Danny "Newsboy" Woodhead

Fortunatly after catching 47 balls for 800+ yds, 8 TDs while leading the Eagle's the a division title, this incident is so far in the rear view mirror its like a cop trying to chase Jason Peters.

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Black Monday

Lovie Smith returns to Tampa Josh McDaniels in Cleveland? Texans hire Bill O'Brien Grading the changes Leslie Frazier fired by Vikings Jim Schwartz done in Detroit

Getting busted for using the N Word casualy at a Kenny Chesney concert is like arresting people for flashing at Mardi Gras IMO, but I guess Coopers noteriety and history of doing charity work made him stick out among the Nike Sleeveless Crop Top

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