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Nike Full Sleeves

Nike Full Sleeves

In the Amber Alert, issued the day after she disappeared and lifted within an hour of finding her body, the description of Brooke included purple highlights in her hair, pierced ears and that endearing freckle on her toe.

The girl with the independent streak gave her all when being competitive, too.

Nike Full Sleeves

Brooke often sat near the front of the bus with her friends, many of who had assigned seating, Lumbra said, recalling Brooke being louder than most of the other riders.

Basketball was Brooke's other sport. Coach Laura Miller, who grew up with James Bennett, Brooke's father, laughed when asked whether Brooke brought skills to the team. The laugh Nike Grey Crop Top

Brooke often hung out with girls older than her, whether they were teammates or lunch buddies. She was the youngest of Cassandra Gagnon's three children. Her brother, Dennis Andress, is two years older, Nike Windrunner Black And White

But the focus, as the shock and grief seeped in, remained on Brooke's bright character and life.

"She had such an easy going personality, liked everybody and was a great person to be around," said Blanchard, standing with other classmates. "She got into the whole Halloween thing, whenever we had a dance she got into it and dressed up."

Nike Full Sleeves

Brooke tried her hand at two sports her first year at Randolph High School: lacrosse and basketball.

They also knew that contagious bright smile, the one splashed across television screens and newspapers nationwide this week. They knew Brooke's smile was genuine, not a pose.

signaled a different strength brought to the game.

Nike Full Sleeves

Daisey Lumbra, 16, who said she is more familiar with Andress but remembers Brooke, noticed Brooke from the commute to and from school on the bus.

and while friends say they got along most of the time as brothers and sisters do he was protective of the younger Brooke.

Nike Full Sleeves

Nike Full Sleeves

"She made a lot of good friends and she made them easily," said Danielle Decoteau, 15, who was a year ahead of Brooke in school. "I don't ever remember her being upset about anything."

Friends recalled a more personal side to the girl.

A bright flame fades

"When she got embarrassed, she'd laugh about it," said Langlois, 14. "When she started out, she had trouble with cradling, but she picked it up She was fairly good. She worked hard She was determined to figure something out."

At practice, Brooke would sprint and give it her all, Langlois said. The same went for game time. There was one instance when Brooke's focus was so intense that when she scored she nearly lost her chance at glory.

Nike Full Sleeves

Nike Full Sleeves

On Wednesday night, Blanchard was one Nike Mens Hoodie Grey

"I just know she was funny and nice, really nice," he said shyly. "She laughs easily I also remember her laughing about the freckle on her toe She didn't really care what people thought."

For Chris Decoteau, Brooke's bright blue eyes were what he remembered most about his dear friend. Decoteau, 14, admitted to having a crush on Brooke, and had enjoyed numerous phone conversations with her at the start of this summer vacation.

Nike Full Sleeves

"He was going to date her, but now he'll never get the chance," said Langlois, standing in Nike Full Sleeves a circle with Decoteau and his older sister before the Wednesday night vigil.

of 300 people in Randolph Village who showed up for a vigil turned memorial service to support Brooke's family in the fresh hours of their grief.

Nike Full Sleeves

Those who knew Brooke Bennett, whether it was in the halls of Randolph High School or out on the lacrosse field, knew the young girl's enthusiasm for Halloween.

"She talked with everyone," said Lumbra, emphasizing that Brooke was hardly shy or reserved. "She never held back when she had something to say."

"She was so shocked, she didn't even know she made the goal at first," Blanchard said. "Everyone was yelling and screaming, and she was like, 'what's going on?' "

"She was a blast," said Miller, who also is a cook at the high school and saw the seventh grader at lunch each day. "She got along with everybody. She was always laughing, that's all she was about was laughing."

When it came to lacrosse, it took Brooke a while to pick up the game. But Blanchard and teammate Autumn Langlois agreed: Brooke was determined to become the best player she could be.

Nike Full Sleeves

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