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"Making the city a clean, more welcoming place for shoppers and fun seekers is vitally important for business, and the Nottingham BID plays an integral part in creating an appealing environment."

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Neil Fincham, centre manager of The Exchange shopping arcade and chairman of the Nottingham BID place management advisory group, said: "To attract visitors it's important to keep the city uniformly clean and tidy to make sure there is a well groomed look and feel right across the city.

The number of people fined for environment related crime mainly littering but also dog fouling and cycling on pavements fell by 21% last year.(2011/12)

The city has 100 Community Protection Officers helping to keep the streets clean.

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"MORE than 1,000 litter louts were fined", these 1,000 were guilty, but only identified because they are compliant citizens. Identified because they have vehicles registered with the government, houses that are identifiable with local government records. In effect Big Brother is watching you, so comply or else.

"It is bad in the city [litter wise] Monday Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's to Thursday. On a Saturday morning there is rubbish Nike Hoodies Womens

On litter bugs, he said: "I think for the first offence you should get a warning. Next time you should get a fine.

1000 people fined over litter dropped from cars

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

Mr Weliczko said: "I chucked my cigarette out of the window and didn't think anything of it. There must have been a warden watching who took my registration. It cost me "I'm more alert now to throwing my litter away."

Jasmin Barlow Wilkinson, owner of Homemade caf Hockley, said: "The streets around us are generally clean. But I don't know why people throw things down. They wouldn't do it in their house."

is ' if everybody did the decent thing and disposed of litter properly then Mr Antcliff would be jobless, and the relevant councils would be thousands of pounds worse off, books wouldnt balance, deficits would grow and we'd be in sheet street. Hang on we are already in sheet street. I could go on, but I'm bored now.

Jay spoke to the Post as we hit the streets armed with the latest figures on just how many people have been fined for littering or allowing their dogs to foul the pavements.

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But a few days later an official looking letter dropped through his door, ordering him to pay a fine for littering.

everywhere. It's mainly McDonalds' wrappers."

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Richard Antcliff, head of neighbourhood enforcement at the city community protection service, said: message from us is clear, if you don respect our city and you litter in Nottingham, you face a fine. He said about 500,000 a year is owed to the courts in Nottingham for littering, fly tipping and leaving out bins. The money goes back into the fight against litter.

Hood Jacket Potatoes on the corner of Long Row, Nottingham, learned his lesson.

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Their job has been made easier by the solar powered 'Big Belly' bins that compact waste and send out e mails when they are full.

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

More than 1,000 people in one year were penalised for throwing cigarettes out of their cars; 3,013 for littering in the street; and 843 for not moving their wheelie bins. Bins should be moved off the pavement within eight hours of collection as they are deemed an obstruction and unsightly.

Jay, 41, of New Basford, who is the manager of Robin Nike Long Sleeve Shirt White

"We're the UK's cleanest large city for the third year running and will do everything in our power to remain so. From fly tipping to dog fouling, if you know of a perpetrator in your area get in touch with our anti social behaviour helpline on 9152020 and our officers will deal with it."

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

Richard Antcliff, head of neighbourhood enforcement for Community Protection, said: "We'll remain relentless in tackling anything that affects citizens' quality of life. This ultimately may include enforcement action and fines and we make no apologies for that.

The fine might have been years ago, but now he always thinks twice about disposing of his litter.

Fines for environmental crime mainly littering in the city fell by 21% in one year in Nottingham.

Would littering be such a problem if there wasnt so much packaging associated with consumerism. is there really the need for so much plastics .

Nike Red Sweatshirt Women's

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